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We #DrinkTexasPink at the Texas Wine Revolution!

"Hey, y'all!" is something never thought I'd say, haha! I think I'm actually fully embracing life in Texas now that I've discovered the most amazing variety of locally grown wines! I'm a huge fan of Rosé, and I honestly was unaware of the amount of wineries and winemakers that were so close to me. Over the weekend we attended the Texas Wine Revolution, an annual festival, showcasing the beauty of Texas grown wines and this year, specifically 100% Texas grown Rosé wines. We had such a great time, enjoyed music, good food and education on Real Texas Wine.

We tried plenty of fabulous wines, but I can confidently say that my favorites were Sway Rosé, and Perissos. Sway Rosé, wine in a can was clean, crisp and perfect for Summer fun! I'll definitely be getting these for picnics and river tubing. I loved Perissos' fruit undertones and it wasn't overly sweet. Perfect for a lovely Sunday afternoon.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a wine fest, and…

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