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Why I Cut Alcohol from my Diet

I’ve been on a health and wellness journey for quite some time now. I mentioned on a previous post that nutrition has played a huge part of my weight loss and fitness journey. Thanks to the nutrition services offered at InBalance San Antonio, I was able to lose a great deal of weight and really advance in my fitness goals. During that time I had been mostly plant-based and slowly but surely, the weight was coming off, but I would plateau for a very long time and become discouraged. I’d seen here and there how people would start the new year with a Dry January. That meant no alcohol for the entire month, and they would do it for different reasons like detox from Holiday drinking, jump start their weight loss, reducing excesses, etc. I decided to try it. I took a deep look into my habits and realized that the one thing that I hadn’t removed from my intake was alcohol. I thought to myself, "how is it that I live by a whole food, plant-based diet, habitually workout, yet I can’t seem…

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