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Abs are made in the Kitchen, with inBalance

I realize that the title may be a bit misleading, due to the lack of my elusive 6-pack, which I'm still working on, of course. But, while I strive for progress and not perfection, inBalance has been a fantastic help! I signed up for their InTheKitchen program and received a personalized program based on my health needs and goals. 
I'd been taking classes at inBalance for over a year and though I'd been seeing changes in my muscle tone and improvement in stamina, I was still struggling to lose those extra lbs to reach my goal. With a very clear goal in mind, my plan was make sure I fit into my dream dress to rock the red carpet at the San Antonio Fashion Awards. The last time worked hard to look great in a dress it was for my wedding 4 years ago, so I knew I could make it happen, but I needed an extra push. 

The first step was filling out my intake form. I had to answer very honestly and take a deep look into my eating habits. I would eat healthy all week, then indulge over t…

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