Monday, August 7, 2017

Navigating My Way to Healthy Skin with SkinFix

Happy Makeup Free Monday! Today, we're talking skincare. I have to admit, I've never had perfect skin. Well, maybe before puberty... But ever since then, I've had mild acne, enlarged pores, oily t-zone and even patchy dry skin, depending on the weather. I'm not even exaggerating when I tell you that I've tried everything out there for my skin. My current approach has been natural or natural based products. I had already changed my eating habits to organic, non-gmo, so why not my skin? What you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN it. I've tried many different brands of natural beauty products, loved some, others not so much. Enter SkinFix...
I started using SkinFix about two weeks ago. They're a Canada based company, that uses natural ingredients like Coconut Oil, mineral-rich Canadian Glacier and Brazilian Volcanic clays for a deep detox and my skin is loving it! They smell amazing and leave my skin feeling refreshed and so soft. The Foaming Oil Cleanser is amazing! It removes my makeup and toxins from the environment with very little effort. I really love that these products are dermatologist recommended, free of synthetic fragrance, parabens, phthalates and sulfates, which means healthy skin to me. They've won so many awards, like the prestigious Allure Beauty Awards and the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards, it would be crazy not to try them. AND the icing on the cake? They're cruelty-free, affordable and available at Target
Foaming Clay Cleanser & Foaming Oil Cleanser
Face Cleansing Cloths

*These products were provided by SkinFix for purpose of testing and reviewing. All opinions are my own.*

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Floral Romper & Rose Curls

Hello, Lotuses! I hope you're enjoying the last part of Summer. This Texas heat is no joke! Last weekend we had a record breaking temperature of 105 F, but that didn't stop me from going out to support the local events being held that day. Although, when I got home I totally crashed from exhaustion! At any rate, I wanted to share how much I love this new romper I found at none other than Ross, and of course it was a total steal! It's cotton so the fabric was perfect and breezy. I just love it. I thought I'd wear heels that day, but I found these flat slip ons and I've been wearing them none stop for the last month. The ruffle detail is the perfect delicate flair I need in flats. So, I'm not sure if you noticed, but I went a little pink for my birthday a few months ago, and I've been able to maintain the color without damaging my hair or spending a fortune. My bff introduced me to Overtone and I'm obsessed! They have color conditioners and weekly deep treatments that refresh my color and protect my curls just by depositing the color on my existing highlights. I think I'm going lavender next. What do you think?

Hola, mis Lotos! Espero que estén disfrutando lo último que queda del verano. Este calor de Texas no está jugando! El fin de semana pasado tuvimos temperaturas que rompió récord de 105 F, pero eso no me detuvo de apoyar actividades de ese día. Aunque cuando regresé a mi casa, caí muerta del cansancio! De todos modos, les quería compartir lo mucho que me encanta este romper que casualmente encontré en Ross y claro está a un precio increíble! Es de algodón así que el material es super fresco. Me encanta. Pensé en llevar tacones, pero también encontré estas sandalias y me las he puesto constantemente como por un mes. Tiene uno volantes que le dan un toque delicado perfecto. Bueno, y no sé si se han dado cuenta, pero me teñí el cabello de rosa hace unos meses para mi cumpleaños, es sutil, pero ahí está. Me lo he logrado mantener sin dañar mi cabello y sin gastar una fortuna gracias a Overtone, que mi mejor amiga me recomendó. La línea tiene una serie de acondicionadores que depositan color y unos tratamientos semanales que refrescan mi rosado y me protege los rizos sólo depositando el color en mis "highlights" existentes. Creo que para la próxima me lo cambio a una lavanda o algo así. Qué creen?

Photos by Marlena Gonzales

Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer in the Texas Hill Country

Hello, lovely lotuses! Last week, I took the week off acting as tour guide showing around my brother in law who came to visit us from Puerto Rico. We went everywhere! We took them all around downtown, from the Alamo, to the Tower of Americas and the Riverwalk. We went tubing down the Comal, a brief dessert on the Lake in Austin and, of course, Fredericksburg. This quaint German town has completely stolen my heart and I take every chance I get to visit. Anytime a family member comes to visit, we take them and they fall in love, too. Only 1.5 hours away from San Antonio, this town in the Texas Hill Country is home to all of the best Texas wineries, including my all time favorite, Grape Creek Vineyards. Relaxing on the deck, sipping wine with soothing music playing in the background is my absolute favorite pastime. We took our guests on a Tuesday afternoon, with a picnic basket filled with delicious cheeses, french bread, charcuterie and spreads. It was lovely! Perfect Summer staycation in Texas!

Hola mis hermosas flores de loto! La semana pasada me tomé la semana de vacaciones y actuamos como guía turístico con mi cuñado quien nos vino a visitar de Puerto Rico. Fuimos a todas partes! Los llevamos por todo San Antonio desde el Alamo, hasta la Torre de las Américas y el Riverwalk. Flotamos por el Río Comal, comimos postre frente al lago en Austin, y no faltaba la visita a Fredericksburg. Este lindo pueblo Alemán se ha robado mi corazón y tomo cualquier oportunidad de ir a visitar. Cada vez que cualquier familiar nos viene a visitar, los llevamos y se enamoran también. A tan solo una hora y media de San Antonio, este pueblo en Texas es el hogar de los mejores viñedos en Texas, incluyendo  mi favorito, Grapecreek Vineyards. Pasar una tarde en la terraza con un vinito y música relajante es mi pasatiempo favorito. Llevamos a nuestros invitados un Martes por la tarde, con una canasta llena de quesos, jamones ibéricos, pan francés y más. Fue una delicia! Unas vacaciones perfectas en Texas!

I'd like to take a moment to make a request. If you can take a quick moment to click on the link under photo below and nominate me for Blogger of the Year for the 2017 San Antonio Fashion Awards. I've been blogging close to 4 years now, and it has been so much fun showing you guys my outfits, part of my fitness journey and travel adventures. I appreciate you all taking the time to stop by my blog and following along with me. Thank you all so much!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Little Red Vest for Summer Layers

So, it's hot as Hades, but you still love to layer? May I suggest the moto vest? I love layering because it adds dimension to my look, a pop of color and it just looks cool. This vest is from JustFab and it's a vegan leather, fun filled item that turned my old off the shoulder Miami tunic, into the coolest look ever! The vest is a moto style so the zipper and belt tie add an edge to my look. I love the way the shoulders just peek through between the top and the vest. What do you think about layering in the Summer?

Bueno, hace un calor infernal, y aún así te gustan las capas? Les puedo sugerir un jacket sin mangas? A mi me gusta el efecto de las capas porque le añade dimensión a mi look, a veces es un buen toque de color y para mi se ve cool! Utilicé este jacket de JustFab para convertir esta camisa vieja de Miami en el atuendo más chulo! El jacket es estilo moto así que el zipper y la correa conectada le dan un toque más atrevido. Me encanta como sale un poco de mis hombros entre la camisa y el jacket. Que creen ustedes sobre usar capas durante el Verano?

What I wore / Llevaba puesto:

Top: South Beach Tunic from a touristy shop in South Beach, Miami (lol)
Jeans: H&M
Vest & Shoes: JustFab
Bracelet: Stella & Dot

*I am a JustFab Ambassador. I received the vest for free to try on and show how to style it. All opinions are my own.*

Monday, July 3, 2017

Fourth of July Weekend Look & How I Learned to Master My Time

Hi, loves! Hope you've had a wonderful 4th of July Weekend! I recently went to Houston for a weekend getaway and we ended up going to the Kemah Boardwalk and Galveston. It was such a lovely day! I wore this striped romper with pom pom details from my previous PS by JustFab box on that super hot and humid day. As comfortable as it was, I still had like a gallon of sweat dripping down my back, but I endured thanks to the tons of water I drank.

I planned that trip with my husband about 2 days prior to driving to Houston because I found out that some of his friends from Puerto Rico were there. In a rare occurrence, the stars aligned and we both had the ability to take off for the weekend! Let me give you a quick explanation as to why this is such a rarity in my life. I have a full time corporate job at AT&T, I also work as a Style Contributor/ Field Manager/ Film Editor/ Creative Director/ Show Host with Style Lush TV. I'm also a Young Women's Division Leader for the San Antonio Region with the Soka Gakkai Intl., a lay Buddhist Organization, I'm married and have an active social life, aside from running my blog. Busy doesn't even begin to explain my life. So, I'm sharing my biggest tips if you're feeling overwhelmed with a busy lifestyle.

Kemah Boardwalk, Houston, TX

1. Master Your Time

Last year, during a Buddhist retreat, I received incredible guidance about mastering my time. I've complained about not being able to balance my life, or get enough rest, or even spend enough time with loved ones for so long, that I just had to seek a better way to get that balance. And what I learned was that this so called "balance" is a myth. Instead of trying to "manage" my time, I learned that I need to MASTER it! It's impossible to manage it, as it keeps going regardless of my ability to use it wisely or not. To Master it, I aim to use every minute of my life creating as much value out of it as I can. As soon as I understood this concept, my life has improved so much! 

2. Faith Based Practice

The first thing I do every morning is pray; I chant the Buddhist mantra Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (you may have heard Tina Turner chant this in interviews and if you saw the movie "What's Love Got to Do With It", you heard Angela Bassett in her role as Tina, as well). This mantra allows me to connect myself to my life and helps me unleash my inner most potential. As I do this, I self reflect and understand how I can become unshakably happy. You can use prayer, meditation or mindfulness, yourself. I'm not trying to convince anyone that this is the only answer for you, but it's what works for me.

3. Live in the Moment

I learned to be 100% in the moment and make use of my time with value. I realized the importance of giving 100% of my attention during every single activity I do, whether it's work, spending time with my husband, religious activities and mentoring young women or even relaxing. During that time, I don't multi-task, try not to look at my phone or even think about what I'm going to do next. That way, whatever I'm doing is enjoyed to the fullest.

4. It's ok to say No

I've learned to say no. So many people think that I'm everywhere and do everything, but it's not the truth. I've even had people tell me things like "Well, it looks like you have the time to do this or that." and I just laughed uncontrollably because I don't. What IS true is that I sometimes have to say no to certain things. I weigh my answer by considering how much value I can obtain or contribute by attending certain activities. If another activity, or my relationship or my inner peace is at stake, then I politely decline. I do have commitments that I keep, especially if I've committed to being there ahead of time. Sometimes, I'll stop by an event right after work on my way home, I'll take a few pics and leave 30 minutes later. 

5. Share Your Calendar

I share my calendar with my husband so that he knows to plan around that. Now, if an impromptu trip comes around and I need to move a few things I had agreed to do but aren't crucial, then I can do that, too. 

6. Value Your "Me" Time

It's not like I only do things for everybody else. It's also important for me to relax. I try to take a day out of the week to relax, have a glass of wine, and have a home spa day. Even if it's putting on a hair mask or face mask, that time is all mine. I also plan my week ahead so I can attend my fitness classes at InBalance. That hour every day, is all about me and my fitness goals.

Romper and sandals from JustFab
Bag from Stella & Dot

Why am I sharing this with you all? Because I'm so much happier since I started doing this. Hopefully some of these tips work for you, as well! 

Do you have a tip on how you make the best of your time? Go ahead and share in the comments!

If you're curious about Buddhism, you can and SGI Center near you on

Monday, June 19, 2017

Business Casual Can "Bee" Fun!

Hello Lotuses! So, some of you may know that I work in "Corporate America" and it's no secret that I love fashion. I've never been one to be your basic pantsuit kinda gal, so I always look for a way to spruce up an office look. I used to be afraid of using bold prints for the office, so I'd wear fun heels, statement jewelry or a great bag. I've lost that fear many years ago and even though I keep it very business like, I've learned to have fun with it. This outfit is a major example of my office style. The pieces are from the latest Target collab with Victoria Beckham. The collection is very conservative and classy, while keeping super fun elements in the prints and bold cuts. I'm in love with these palazzo pants for so many reasons. The cut and fit are perfect, the lines are a way to show a semi-sporty look, which is so on trend, while giving the illusion of longer legs and the huge Calla Lily print is bold yet sophisticated. BTW, Calla Lilies are my favorite flowers! I paired them with a bee printed top, which I just thought was so cute! The neckline and cuffs are beyond cool and those are the kind of details I knew VB x Target didn't skimp on. I also layered a Leaf Necklace with my engraved necklace (both from Stella & Dot) and kept my earring simple with the Gilded Path Ear Climber I'm such fan of. I wanted to show you that you can have fun in a conservative workplace. Don't be afraid to show your personality!

Hola mis flores de loto! Algunos de ustedes ya saben que trabajo en  el mundo corporativo y a la vez amo la moda. Nunca me ha gustado usar un traje de pantalón muy básico, pero si hubo un tiempo que le temía a estampados muy escandalosos en mi ropa de trabajo. Aún así, buscaba la manera de añadir un accesorio llamativo como zapatos, joyería o un bolso divertido. Yo perdí ese miedo hace varios años y aprendí a divertirme más con mis atuendos de oficina. Este atuendo es un vivo ejemplo de mi estilo corporativo. De la colaboración más reciente de Victoria Beckham con Target, conseguí este pantalón palazzo y me encanta por varias razones. El corte está perfecto, las líneas a los lados le da un toque deportivo, lo cual está muy de moda y dan la ilusión de estatura alta  y el estampado del lirio cala (mi flor favorita) es muy elegante. Lo combiné con una blusa de estampado de abejas, que está bueno chulo! Me encanta el cuello y las mangas porque son muy diferentes y son detalles que esta colección se dedicó a resaltar. Con la joyería combiné un collar de múltiples hojas con una cadena delicada con mi nombre y las pantallas muy sutiles de Stella & Dot. Ya ven que no deben temerle a expresar su personalidad en un ambiente de oficina conservador!

What I wore/ Llevaba puesto:

Jewelry: Stella & Dot
Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Photography Credits:

Friday, June 9, 2017

Velvet in Warm Weather? Why not?

Hi loves! I'll be honest, when I think of velvet I think Winter, Holiday Season, to be more specific. I remember a green off-the-shoulder dress that my mother wore for a Christmas party in New York, back in the 80's, which I was obsessed with. I would go into her closet, and lean against the wall and spend the longest time just running my hands over it. I loved the feel, the warmth, and the color. It was my favorite piece in her closet, after the mink coat, for which I later on would come to lecture her. Recently, I went to shop at one of my favorite online shops, who houses a showroom out of San Antonio, Chic'tique and found these gorgeous velvet crop flared pants. It was the last pair, and I hesitated. It was the beginning of Spring and I thought "Well, I love them, but won't be able to wear them until next Winter!", Michelle of Chic'tique simply told me that we don't always need to follow the fashion rules. I'm not one to follow the rules, myself! The fit was perfect, so I got them. I've worn these babies so many times, they've become a staple in my closet this Spring. These particular pants aren't super warm and heavy, so they've worked for me so far. I paired them with a top from her latest Spring line and velvet strappy sandals. I love this combo! My advice, have fun with non-traditional textures and colors, even in the warmer weather. Fashion is made to have fun, and express your creativity! 

Hola amores! Les voy a ser honesta, cuando pienso en la gamuza, me viene a la mente el invierno, Navidad para ser exacta. Recuerdo un traje verde, de hombros expuestos que mi madre se puso para una fiesta de Navidad en Nueva York en los años 80s, por el cual me moría. Yo entraba a su closet, me apoyaba de la pared y le pasaba la mano por un buen rato. Me encantaba como se sentía, el calentito y el color del traje. Era mi pieza favorita de ella, luego de el abrigo de visón (mink), por el cual luego le dí mi opinión sobre el uso de piel animal como un lujo, jeje. Recientemente, fui a visitar el showroom de una de mis tiendas en línea favoritas, Chic'tique y encontré un par de pantalones en gamuza. Era el último par y pensé "Bueno, me encantan, pero no me los voy a poder poner hasta el próximo Invierno!". Y, Michelle de Chic'tique simplemente me dijo que no hay que seguir todas las reglas de la moda. Yo no soy muy de seguir las reglas y el pantalón me quedó perfecto, así que me lo compré. Me los he puesto tantas veces, que ya está en mi rotación regular de Primavera. Estos son lo suficientes liviano que me los puedo poner y no me matan de calor. Los compré en conjunto con una blusa de su colección de Primavera y conseguí estos zapatos de gamuza también. Me ha encantado esta combinación! Mi consejo es que se divertan esta temporada con diferentes texturas y colores no tradicionales. La moda es para divertirse y expresar tu creatividad!

What I wore/ Llevaba puesto:

Top & Pants:  Chic'tique

Shoes: JustFab

Jewelry: Stella & Dot

Photography by: Joe Turner Photography