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The San Antonio Fashion Society Holiday Mixer: What Really Happens When Planning an Event

Event Planning is hard, really hard. There are a ton of components to it and it can definitely get stressful. With that said, I still took it upon myself to plan and host a Holiday Fashion Industry Mixer for the San Antonio Fashion Society. I've been the Organizer of this Meetup group for about 2 years and honestly I felt that I was failing miserably at it because we hadn't done anything worth while the entire time. I was traveling so much, that I gave my time to other things and gave a million excuses for not hosting at the very least a coffee meetup with the group. I hadn't completely ignored it of course; I would invite the members to other events I had co-organized or would be invited to, or even gain access to discount codes to get the "Fashionistas" to fashion related events. And they'd showed up, sporadically, here and there, but not as many people as I would've liked. After the 4th Annual Fashion Awards, I decided to change that. All the ideas I …

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