In the land of Flats

I've always been a major fan of high heels, very high heels. Maybe it's because of my height, or lack there of; I'm standing short at 5'2". But since I work on my feet all day, I've always hidden a pair of neutral flats in my office to rest my "barking dogs" after a long day of training. Those days are gone, I've started to notice how great flats are and how stylish they can really be! Walking around the city, brunch, and work are no longer a dreadful task. I'll save the pumps for Date Night/ Girl's Night...

Pippa Middleton
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Lilliana Kitten Slippers from
(My personal collection)
Luna from Just Fab
(My personal collection)
Smoking Slipper from
(My personal collection)
Mona from

Black Strap Studded from


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