A time to coat

So yesterday was Groundhog Day and Phil the Groundhog predicted an early Spring for 2013! Now, before  we get all excited to bring out the sundresses and gladiator sandals, let's talk about the season's best kept secret. Winter Sale!! There's a sale going on right now, everywhere, in-store and online. It's time for stores to clean out the winter gear to make room for Spring merchandise, and we get to reap all the benefits. I spotted an amazing coat at Asos, so naturally I had to order it. It's already kind of warm in Texas so I'm putting it away in a garment bag with a scented hanger pendant. If it's still cold where you live, you'll get to rock a new coat for the next few weeks. Next year, you'll be ready!
Hit the link below and see for yourself!

Faux fur collar

Utilitarian parka

Military style

Formal coat


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