Falling for Niagara

When our friend from Puerto Rico invited my husband and me to his wedding in Toronto, Ontario, we were so excited! Not only were we incredibly happy for his nuptials, but we were going to visit Canada for the very first time! We visited for 4 days and 3 nights. It was short, but amazing! That weekend, we explored downtown Toronto, enjoyed delicious diverse meals and attended a lovely wedding where we ate, drank and danced with the happy couple. It was a fabulous long weekend! The day we had to leave, we took the morning to visit Niagara Falls. I had heard that there was a side that was better than the other, but I wasn't sure which side it was, New York or Toronto. While we drove up to the location, we realized that it was the Toronto side that had the FULL view of the Falls and we were soo happy! It was spectacular (AND WET, haha!). We didn't have enough time to do the tours or the boat, but we felt that we had an amazing experience! Since we have those great friends in Toronto, we'll definitely be coming back for another adventure!

Cuando nuestro amigo de Puerto Rico nos invitó para su boda en Toronto, Ontario, nos emocionamos en grande! No sólo íbamos para la boda de un gran amigo, pero que íbamos a visitar a Canadá por primera vez! Estuvimos de visita por 4 días y 3 noches. Fue corto, pero increíble! Durante el fin de semana, exploramos el downtown de Toronto, disfrutamos de comidas diversas y deliciosas y estuvimos presentes ante la union de una pareja hermosa. Tuvimos un fin de semana espectacular! El día que nos tocaba irnos, visitamos a las Cataratas del Niágara. Había eschuchado que se veían mejor de un lado que del otro, pero no me acordaba si era mejor desde Nueva York o de Toronto. Cuando nos acercamos, supimos que estábamos en el lado correcto! Desde Toronto se ven completas las Cataratas. Fue todo un espectáculo y muy mojado, ja ja! No tuvimos suficiente tiempo para tomar el tour del barquito, pero pienso que tuvimos aún una experiencia inolvidable! Cómo ahora tenemos esas amistades viviendo en Canadá, definitivamente que volveremos para un próxima aventura!


  1. This sounds like a perfect way to experience Canada for the first time! I hope the wedding went well.

    xo, Christina

  2. Sounds amazing :)


  3. Great view it's so beautiful there.

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  4. You’re so lucky! I’ve always wanted to visit Cananda. It looks so pretty there. Glad you had such an amazing time even though it was a short stay. Hopefully you can visit it again soon.



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